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Turn Around Quick

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  1. turnaround noun (TIME TAKEN) [ U ] (UK usually turnround) the amount of time taken for something to happen after a vehicle, an instruction, or an order for goods arrives at a place: We'll have to improve the turnaround - three days is too long. Turnaround .
  2. turnaround definition: Turnaround is defined as a change in direction, the time spent to implement a product or service or a place where a vehicle can be turned to go back in the other direction. (noun) An example of turnaround is a change from being a.
  3. The Wallace Foundation / Knowledge Center / The School Turnaround Field Guide Nationwide, schools have embarked on an ambitious effort to turn around their 5, lowest-performing schools. "Turnaround" refers to intensive short-term interventions undertaken by a state or district with the goal of dramatically improving the way a school operates.
  4. Apr 10,  · A turnaround is the financial recovery of a poorly performing company, economy, or individual. Turnarounds are important as they mark a period of .
  5. turn around (something) To reverse the direction or course of something; to reverse the way something is facing or oriented. I swear, if you kids don't stop fighting back there, I am going to turn around this car and take us straight back home! The company is hiring a new financial consultant to turn around the sales trends of the last two years. See.
  6. Explore 53 Turnaround Quotes by authors including Ivanka Trump, Anne M. Mulcahy, and Paul Ryan at BrainyQuote.
  7. It depends on the meaning. "Turn around" is a verb, "Turn around so I can see you." "Turnaround" is a noun, "The economy is set for a quick turnaround.".
  8. Apr 21,  · 3 Stocks to Buy for a Quick Post-Coronavirus Turnaround the choices are a bit more sparse for those looking to profit from a quick rebound. For .

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